How to organise an unforgettable party

We all want to organise a party that will be talked about for months, even years to come, but what is the key to organising an unforgettable party? We take a look at some of the ingredients that make for a potentially unforgettable party (for the right reasons).

Plan ahead

Apologies if you were expecting some magic formula but the fact of the matter is, to make any party one to remember, you must be practical and organised and that means planning ahead! It makes sense to begin planning as early as possible because it will reduce the likelihood of things going wrong on the day, give you enough time to make changes in the event of unforeseen circumstances and, additionally, sending out invites early will give your guests the opportunity to plan and schedule in advance whereby they ensure they’re available to attend your party. All in all, the more time you allow yourself to plan the more time you have to think and create the formula for a truly remarkable party.

Choose a unique venue

If you regularly invite your friends round your house for a pizza and a movie, the chances are that if you choose to hold a party at your house, you’ll end up doing the same albeit with more people! Change things up and choose a venue that is entirely different to the usual. Not only will it give you inspiration for new and innovative ideas but will give your guests a buzz, excitement and an anticipation of the fun that awaits!

Serve amazing food

Food arguably plays the most prominent role in the success of a party. If you’re not much of a chef yourself we advise that you do not have a go at cooking! Catering is the best option, giving you that satisfaction that it’s being managed by the experts. Finances permitting, do try and provide a variety of different food items, taking into consideration guest’s dietary requirements and their likes and dislikes. A bespoke menu is a nice personal touch.

Have a variety of entertainment

Allow your guests to enjoy a variety of different entertainment. A combination of watching an act such a magician and games where guests are involved themselves serves as the ideal combination. The key is laughter, if you’re going to have some sort of quiz don’t make seem like a math test. Some good options include charades with a theme such as James Bond movies or celebrity impersonations.

Competitions and Prizes

Lastly, if you have the budget for this, consider including competitions and giveaways. A good way to attract guests is to have one or two top prizes such as a holiday, an expensive gadget or vouchers. If possible, ensure all guests leave with at least something!

To conclude on the unforgettable party experience, a combination of hard work, creativity and thinking outside the box will ensure you throw a party that your guests will be raving about for months to come!

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