Marquee tips and design ideas

A marquee is the ideal choice for any occasion, be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary or a corporate event. The key advantage of a marquee lies in its flexibility. In choosing a traditional ‘brick and mortar’ venue, one is restricted to its location whereas, for example, if you have a large enough house, you may only require a small extension marquee to accommodate extra guests. On the other hand, if you are owner of a large garden or a plot of land, it can be used to set up a larger marquee.

All in all marquees are great because they’re a blank canvas that can be moulded to fit the needs of you and your guests. Here we present some valuable marquee tips and design ideas.

Use space wisely

When deciding on the size of a marquee don’t solely base it on number of guests. If you are planning to have a bar, dancefloor, catering area and the like, consider the amount of space required for these and how you want them mapped out in the marquee. Create a marquee floor plan, it will greatly assist in choosing the ideal marquee size. In any case never make the mistake of choosing a large marquee ‘just to be safe.’ The last thing you want is to over-compensate and be left with large empty spaces in a marquee that dampen the vibe and atmosphere during your event.

Use curtains

If you’re planning a large function, this will most likely be anything from 120 guests onwards. To prevent disarray consider using curtains to split different areas of the marquee. Curtains serve as an ideal way to guide guests through the different sections of the marquee. For example, if you want one area of the marquee to be a dedicated dance floor, another for dining and a further area to be solely for children to play in, curtains can create the relevant borders, thus those who want to eat don’t interfere with those who wish to dance and parents need to worry about their children and enjoy the party.

Prepare for the weather

British weather cannot be trusted hence it is vital to prepare for wet and windy conditions. Unless you have a contingency plan in the advent of horrid weather, such as shifting people in the house or another venue, it is pivotal to choose a heavy duty marquee for your event whilst keeping in mind the fact that you may be required to empty the gutters.

Think temperature

Again, owing to British weather, it is important to have the necessary heating that will keep guests warm and ventilation in case things get stuffy. Many are put-off using a marquee during the winter months because they envisage it to be too cold inside. Our indirect duct hot air blowers and small cabinet heaters ensure your guests are kept warm!


The three most popular forms of lighting within a marquee are a combination of brass chandeliers, pin-spots and uplighters. It all depends on the atmosphere you wants to achieve. Chandeliers are effective if you want the entire marquee to be bright and lit up whereas pin spots are good for a subtle lighting effect. In any case uplighters used around a marquee create an attractive glow throughout the evening. Additionally, if you have garden with beautiful and high trees, fairy lights are a good means to add décor. Lastly, consider lighting for other interior elements of your marquee such as the stage and dancefloor, some options include lighting rigs or a disco ball.


In the summer, most functions have a natural matting floor with plastic underlay to prevent it from
 getting wet. If the ground is not flat or is prone to flooding we would recommend a solid boarded floor. The boarded floor is overlaid with a brand new carpet, available in a wide range of colours.

Wooden flooring is ideal if the marquee is to be set up in a field and also gives the entire place a fine and glossy finish!

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