Themed marquee event inspiration

Looking for themed marquee inspiration for your next event? Here is a range of themed marquees we’ve put together in the past to tickle your fancy…

Pink LED Theme

Themed Marquee Decoration

Ideal for a birthday or engagement party, a pink LED lit dance floor will have your guests dancing ‘til sunrise. Our pink theme is quite sophisticated and classy rather than cheesy. Coordinated seating area and a bar makes for a great atmosphere.

Floral theme

Floral Theme Wedding Marquee Decor

Our floral theme is perfect for a nice and relaxing afternoon wedding. Use mother nature to decorate your marquee with wooden chairs and tables to complete the look.

Black and white ‘chess’ theme

Black and White Marquee Design

Opposites attract and complement each other. Our ‘chess’ theme will co-ordinate everything black and white from the dance floor and furniture to the marquee itself!

Red Roses theme

Red Roses Theme marquee

Roses are red, violets are blue, and our red roses theme is definitely for you! If you’re planning a romantic get together such as a valentine’s day party or a prom, the red roses theme is a fitting tribute to create the required vibe. The theme works great with a black tie dress code for men and a red dress code for women.

Disco Night theme

Disco Night Theme Marquee

If you want to do something different for an after wedding party, a reception event or perhaps just a birthday party, a live band disco theme works well. Most of the lighting is generated through LED and the use of spotlights can be used for specific emphasis.

Extension marquee

Extension Marquee Wedding

Not really a theme but we wanted to demonstrate an example of an extension marquee, which can complement an event at home quite well. Ideal to use as an eating area, for additional room and seating or even a kids play area/entertainment room.

Alice in Wonderland theme

Alice in Wonderland Theme Marquee Party

For something out of the ordinary, why not re-create the famous tea party from Alice in Wonderland? If you fancy another childhood favourite themed party, let us know your requirements and we will make your dream a reality!

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