5 Kids’s Party Entertainment Ideas

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Planning fun entertainment ideas for children is not always an easy task. When choosing entertainment ideas for adults, you’re aware of their likes and dislikes, however with kids, it’s very hard to determine what they’ll enjoy. To makes things worse they have a very short attention span therefore it is vital to have something is engaging and interactive that gets them involved (and allows you a breather!). Here are 5 entertainment ideas that’ll always turn out to be a huge success…

Balloon Modeller

If we recall our days as a tiny toddler, we’ll remember how mesmerised and fascinated we were watching a man or woman turn a long and thin balloon into our favourite character or animal. The great thing about balloon modelling is that not only is the end product great, but the process of watching someone twist and turn a balloon into a figure is particularly fun, even as an adult, especially when trying to second guess what’s being made and that joy you feel when you recognise the final result! Children love a gift and with balloon modelling each child will have their very own model to take home with them.

Face Painting

An extremely good way to get children involved in a party and have them enthralled for the entire day is to paint their face! Turn those sweet and innocent faces into an animals, superheroes or a princess! Kids are very imaginative, they’ll feel transformed into a new person after their face is painted and that adrenaline will keep them going for the duration of the party. Face paint is easily washable so you can restore your child to their former innocent selves, once the party is over!

Mime Artists

Children are very imaginative and curious beings. In their young age they come up with an entire story line in their heads whilst playing with dolls and action figures, an ordinary bike ride turns into running away from a monster and many keep themselves an imaginary friend. Why not play on that curiosity by hiring a mime artist? Mime artists are able to capture the imagination of kids and adults alike by creating a world made from thin air. For parents they’re also magicians because they can keep kids occupied and silent, simultaneously! Furthermore, mime artists are not a common entertainment feature as face painting or balloon modelling and will most likely be an entirely new experience for children, which adds more value.


At some point, we have all read our kids bedtime stories to put them to sleep but hearing a story from an expert storyteller can serve as a completely new experience. Kids can be left spellbound and captivated by a great story and the way in which it is told. An excellent storyteller can mimic different voices representing each character in a story and deliver a story with the right pitch and tone to get across the desired emotion such as the fear of a scary witch or satisfaction and cheer when the prince comes to the rescue. Life can be quite hectic, even for kids with their extracurricular activities, and so a nice and relaxing bit of story time is a welcome break!


Real life simulation games

Last but not least, if you want to go all out, why not try real life simulation? Turn your marquee into a dusty mansion, assign all children a character, plant clues around the marquee and play out your very own mystery game! The buzz and excitement a child will feel is immense and you really don’t need to put that much effort in to bring the game to life, a child’s imagination will do that on its own! Moreover, it is a form of entertainment that even adults can get enjoyment from.

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