Throw the ultimate winter garden party

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Winter is finally here. Leaves are falling off trees, cars need to be started 10 minutes in advance to heat up and many will be investing in de-icers! Winter is a time for change, nature is going through a cycle of death and re-growth and of course holidays such as Halloween and Christmas are just around the corner, so there is plenty to look forward too.

Though we should embrace the winter and its associated colder climate, there is no reason to change all aspects of our leisurely activities. Summer memories of beach and garden parties are still fresh and we miss them and yearn to recreate them. Instead of accepting the winter for what it is, let’s adapt to it by throwing the ultimate winter garden party. Here’s how…

Invest in a marquee

First and foremost, you’ll need a heavy duty marquee that can sustain the cold, windy or rainy conditions. The marquees we do are made just for that. Be it a nice and cosy gathering with close friends or an all-out bash, our marquees can do the trick, as they come in a variety of different shapes, types and sizes.

Stay warm

It is pretty obvious that you need to stay warm but not so obvious is the best means for achieving this. A problem that can arise with outside heaters is the distribution of heat. If you get too close it can peel your skin off, alternatively, if you’re too far away the heat won’t reach you. The ideal heaters to use are indirect duct hot air blowers or small cabinet heaters that are placed in appropriate positions inside a marquee. For those who want to go completely traditional, there is also the option to light a bonfire – but be careful!

The menu

The menu always plays a pivotal role to the success or failure of any party. Ideally, given the climate, you want to keep your guests from freezing and some recommended dishes include soup, such as the black bean soup flavoured with cumin and pepper to warm you guests or you can go for chicken, pumpkin and tomato soup, respectively. Additionally, prepare some delicious chillies and hot stews and, lastly, there is nothing better to drink than a steaming and sweet hot chocolate with marshmallow!


It makes sense to get your guests involved in some fun and interactive activities that involve a lot of movement. Dumb charades is always interesting to play, to say the least! It serves as a great way to break the ice between guests who may not know each other and generally is a whole of laughter! Consider a bit of singing a dancing too, such as Christmas carols and perhaps do the train dance!


We mentioned hot drinks already but after all that singing, dancing and movement, guests will be thirsty for something a little cooler. Don’t just serve your average juices, invent some unique and flavoursome mocktails or go a step further and have a mocktail contest and taster session to see who can create the best!

Winter-friendly interiors

Interior ornaments inside a marquee such as chairs, tables and other furniture must be able to sustain the cold temperatures as well as be comfortable for guests. Consider something thicker than a picnic blanket and deck chairs might not be a good idea either. You want to create warm and cosy atmosphere so adorn the marquee with fairy lights to give it the Christmas look, use chairs and tables that are comfortable to sit and eat and drink from. Ratten furniture is the perfect solution to winter garden parties because they remain unaffected by the weather and are attractive on the eye.

Make your event the one they remember

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