5 things you did not know about marquees

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Many people have their own perception of marquees from what they can and can’t do, the sizes they can come in and where they can be erected. Marquee development has come a long way and there is definitely more to them than meets the eye. We examine the 5 things about marquees that you might not know…

Fit for all seasons

Understandably so, marquee usage is confined to warmer climates and the summer season due to the perception that they’re entirely impractical for use at any other time of the year. This is entirely false. Modern marquees are now able to withstand the wind, rain and snow comfortably and effectively. Furthermore, thanks to developments in space heating, a marquee can be kept adequately warm during peak winter times. There is no need to cram everybody in the house or hire an expensive venue, there are plenty of suitable marquee options, fit for purpose. What’s more is that even summer marquees can brave out unexpected weather changes- as is the case with Britain!

Fit for any surface

No longer can a marquee be only erected on the grass using ropes. It’s the 21st century and we’ve moved on from that! Newer marquees can be placed on any surface such as concrete and tarmac using footplates. Footplates increase the stability of a marquee as they properly pin the marquee to the ground and hence they can survive adverse weather conditions.  If you have a huge grass-less garden, there is good news, you can now place a marquee on it (and could do for a while now).

Can be used on uneven sites

A marquee needs a flat ground, in order to be fit for use. If you have an uneven ground, there are many different solutions to get around this such as the use of specialised flooring that can be built on top of uneven surfaces to level it out. Another option is to use a scaffolding. No longer do you need to be reluctant to use a marquee owing to an uneven ground.

Marquees can complement a main venue or building

Often is the case that a customer does not want a fully loaded marquee, rather just a small extension. For example, there can be marquees as small as 3 metres that are used as an entrance to a main building. Marquee extensions are ideal to increase capacity either as an entrance or a separate area for a specific purpose such as dining or a kid’s play area. They’re easily and seamlessly connected and blend in excellently.

Marquee can be used indoors

As odd as this may sounds, it is true. This begs two questions, how and why? As mentioned earlier, marquees can be built on any surface, including uneven surfaces, using footplates and specialised flooring. This is makes it very easy to erect a marquee indoors. Why would someone want to? Perhaps as a temporary storage area or somewhere to keep and maintain all the rubbish in single space!

Marquees have truly become an all-rounder. They can be used for any occasion of any size, as little as a small dinner of 15 to a 500-guest wedding. Modern marquees are weatherproof, surface-proof and are ideal as a main venue or as complementary space.

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