9 ways to make your wedding quirky

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We all want our wedding to be memorable (for the right reasons). Ideas and inventions of the past used to be quirky but are now cliché. It can be incredibly difficult to be creative and think of something completely out of the box, whilst making sure your pockets are not squeezed dry.

If you’re tired of the usual wedding dynamics and want to make your guests’ collective jaws to drop, take a look at our 9 quirky wedding ideas.

Save the date balloons

Save the date balloons are awesome. If you don’t fancy sending out save the date cards, the heart shaped ones just don’t make you go “aww” or the ones that include a cheesy pose with you and your partner just won’t do, consider balloons.

In order to see the details of your big day, guests have to blow up the balloons, pretty cool and fun!

A video booth

Why do guest books when you can ask your guests to enter a video booth and leave a short video message for the couple. It is a unique way to get your guests involved and is fun for all ages. Furthermore, you can request your videographer to transfer some of the best clips onto your official wedding video! You can even upload some on Facebook or your wedding website, if you have one.

Tweet the wedding

You don’t need all guests to have a Twitter account for this one, simply create a new Twitter account specifically for the wedding and leave the user name and password details plastered around the venue and encourage users to log in and get tweeting! By the end of the wedding, you’ll have a timeline recording your wedding day as it happened, including pictures and videos.

Write your love story on the aisle

This is pretty cool, as your guests make their way down the aisle to find their seats, have a long stretch of cloth which has the chronological order of your love story. Include the day you first saw each other, your first date, the first person to say “I love you” and the date the big question was popped! Personalise and customise it as you want and include some pictures and imagery for a more attractive look.

Games centrepiece

If you don’t want to go for a fancy bowl or flowers why not have a games centrepiece featuring some classic board games. Keep the kids (and adults) entertained with Eat the Fly, Frustration and more. It’s also a great way for families to bond and unfamiliar people to become familiar with each other.

Not a cake

That’s right, what’s more unique about a wedding than one which did not feature a wedding cake? Of course, you have to replace it with something worthy. Consider a doughnut wedding cake, where doughnuts are packed in each “layer” of the wedding cake. You could also use muffins, cupcakes or scones.

Wedding speeches

Instead of a best man speech, why not ask the little ones to do a 30 second speech each on the groom or bride. You’ll be guaranteed applause, laughter and the occasional “aww!”


Include a slideshow which showcases the growth of the groom and bride from a tiny toddler to somebody embarking on the next stage in their life. This will give guests a quick biography of the bride and groom. Include some nice (and embarrassing pictures), a great way to begin the ceremony and celebrations.

Creative place cards

One alternative to the traditional place card is to have them written in chalk. You could then ask guests at the end of the wedding to rub out their name and describe their opinion of the wedding ceremony in one word. Undoubtedly, people will have something nice to say and at least gives you the satisfaction that your hard work planning the wedding paid off!

Make your event the one they remember

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