Dessert table ideas for your wedding

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It is custom to have a cake at your wedding, but there is nothing in the rulebook that states you can’t do something different! Make your wedding day one to remember with some of these wonderful dessert table ideas…

Cupcake Stand

Whip up and serve 3-5 different types of cupcakes neatly arranged on a wooden stand, a very good choice if your wedding is outdoors. You may also choose to display them in the same structure as a wedding cake, a different variety in each ‘layer’.

Rustic Display

If you’re having a wedding in the countryside, a good idea is to keep the wedding cake medium sized and offer a buffet of desserts. You could go for a variety of dessert biting’s, such as a selection of different doughnuts displayed against a picturesque backdrop.

Ice cream sandwich

A build your own dessert bar? Yes, please! If you’re planning a summer wedding, an ice cream bar will definitely be a hit with guests and keep them cool in the hotter climate. Offer a range of different cookie flavours with loads and loads of ice cream and let guests experiment!

Candy bar

Inject a real sugar high into your wedding with candy bar. Decorate your table in a bold and plain coloured linen covering such as pink or orange. Add a jar of pink gumballs, another one for orange pearl gumballs and add assortments of jelly beans, bubble gum and lollypops. For an added effect include a backdrop of hanging oversized tissues.

The cookie table

A nice and small cookie table does the trick too! Offer assortments of different cookies, served with tea and coffee. A nice and light bite, leaving enough room for the wedding cake.

Sweet like pie

Surround your main wedding cake with a selection of different and delicious pies served on cake stands. Decorate your table with a lovely flower display to match the flavour of the pies that will leave your dessert table looking very pretty.

Multiple cakes

For a really elegant look have three different medium sized wedding cakes placed on sophisticated stands, surrounded by little candles to achieve a classy and intimate look. If you only want a cake as dessert but don’t want your table looking empty, this is the option for you.

Milk and cookies

Good old milk and cookies is cheap, simple, yet effective. Cookies are amazing on their own, but if you add ice cold milk to the mix, you’ve created a lovely and delightful treat!

 French desserts

For an entirely quirky look, replace your wedding cake with a French croquembouche. A croquembouche is made up of choux pastry balls, the same pastry that is used to make profiteroles. The balls are piled into a cone like shape and are layered with a caramel finish. With the croquembouche being the centrepiece, fill the remaining empty space with biscuits, cookies, cupcakes or anything that tickles your fancy.


Go back in time with a classic and antique bar cart. Rather than using it to serve drinks, place a collection of different candy’s in jars and wheel it around the venue for guests to nibble on.

Chocolate accents

Along with your main wedding cake, serve up a range of handcrafted chocolates. Choose from dark chocolate filled with strawberry cream or an orange slice. Alternatively, include a nut collection comprising of fruit and nut, Brazilian nuts and hazelnut. Lastly, you can go for popular toffee, milk chocolate and caramel options.

Plenty of dessert table ideas to get your guests jaws to drop. Why not step out of your comfort zone and go for something unique for your wedding.

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