How to plan the perfect engagement party

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Planning the perfect engagement party requires a lot of time and effort. Here is our guide to planning the greatest engagement party…ever!

Set a budget

An engagement party is traditionally thrown by the brides’ parents but can also be from grooms’ side or as a joint do. Nowadays, the couple themselves may choose to host the party. In any case, identify who is hosting and set a budget.

Date and time

The first thing that you must do is to set a date and time. No other planning can take place without first knowing when you’re having the party. It is important to make sure that the people whom you want there are available. Guests are the heartbeat of any party and you won’t be having much fun, if your near and dear ones are not present!

Guest list and invitations

Before picking a venue, you must know how many people you are roughly looking to invite. What you can do is include the engagement party invite in selected engagement ceremony invitations to the relevant people. That way you’ll have RSVP’s well in advance. This makes the rest of the planning that little bit easier.


The when and who are done and now for the where. The where depends on the size of your party. Engagement parties can take place at a restaurant, somebodies house, a private venue or a club. Home is usually a good idea because it is an intimate setting. Furthermore, if you are just short of space, you can hire one of our bespoke marquees to find that extra bit of room!


It’s entirely up to you to decide between full course meals, snacks or just desserts. In any case, make sure you clearly state this on the invite so guests know what to expect. Finger foods work really well and means less effort required from your side with preparing, serving and clearing up afterwards (unless it’s at a restaurant). The time you have decided to have the party will largely determine the food you serve, so bare that in mind.


Decorations are really important and essentially set the scene. If you’re planning on having a set theme, ensure that it is communicated in the invite so guests arrive properly dressed. Our recommendation would be to keep it simple, yet effective. Use credible florists to adorn the venue with beautiful flowers and plants, balloons and pretty table decorations, if applicable.

Your outfit

We’re talking to the brides here. Remember, you want your wedding day to be the day where you wow everyone with your beautiful dress, hair and makeup. Obviously, make a considerable effort for your engagement party, but you don’t want to be so bling bling that you outdo yourself before the wedding! Keep your outfit and jewellery simple but head turning.

To gift or not to gift

We don’t recommend to register for gifts for an engagement party, you can if you want, but better to save that for the wedding. Alternatively, you can include a “no boxed gifts” message or, you can be entirely humble and specifically requests no gifts. Don’t overthink this decision, do what feels appropriate!

Get help

Planning can be stressful. For a weddings and engagements, you can be strict in order to have it exactly as you want. However, for an engagement party, why not ask your friends and family (who will undoubtedly have some great ideas) for help to take the stress away from you!

Make your event the one they remember

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